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Jodi Hart

Now, I Have So Much Energy!
First Name:Jodi
Last Name:Hart
Hometown:Santa Barbara, CA
jodihart more energy from customized nutrition plan

Before meeting with Paige, I felt unsure about what the best way is for me to get to my goal weight. Paige was able to take the worry away for me and I feel amazing on her plan! For YEARS I felt very bloated, I was always tired and it felt like I never had any energy to get me through the day! I would be falling asleep on my keyboard at work and I made the decision to change that when I started working with Paige.

Now, I have so much energy and my body is so happy it is being fed nutrient dense food as opposed to the junk food my life was previously filled with. Thank you Paige for guiding me and sharing your knowledge with me!