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12-Week Body Transformation Program in Santa Barbara


Total Body Transformation Program

You'll See a Totally Different Person in the Mirror!

The First Paige Fitness 12-Week Body Transformation Program is an all-inclusive physical fitness program that is 100% customized to each individual’s own health and fitness goals. We know that everyone begins their fitness journey in different places, but we also know that together we can help you get to the same ending of optimal health and wellness.

Our personal trainers approach everyone’s fitness journey as the unique, individual process that it is. The body transformation experts at First Paige Fitness specialize in designing weight loss transformation programs that help you look and feel your best from the inside, out. We’re more than personal trainers and this is more than just a workout plan.

With our individual fitness program, in just 12 weeks you’ll see a totally different person in the mirror!

Your Fitness Goals are Our Top Priority!

We understand and respect that everyone is different. As body transformation experts we know that everyone eats, trains and lives differently. That’s why we create fitness plans that are 100% customized to you and your needs based on your lifestyle.

Our personal trainers won’t start working with you until we’ve identified your specific fitness needs and set personalized fitness goals that are realistically obtainable. Even though you start at a different place, your end result of reaching your fitness goals will be the same as everyone else – successful.

Access to Your Own Personal Cheering Section!

We work diligently to minimize the guess work and uncertainty that comes with beginning a new fitness regiment. By providing individualized workouts tailored specifically for each of our clients, we encourage you to focus solely on putting your all into each and every work out that’s been designed specifically for you.

We’ve also uniquely integrated the knowledge our staff has accrued as yoga instructors to provide a harmoniously balanced fitness regiment that consists of both physically challenging workouts and therapeutic stretching. We guarantee that through our program you will experience a challenging yet effective workout every time you train.

Our Body Transformation Experts are Always Ready to Help!

We realize you may have questions, and we are always more than happy to answer them! We strive to eliminate any and all doubts by having a body transformation expert available at your fingertips anytime you need them. That is why we make ourselves available  via text, call or email for additional support whenever you need them.

This is more than just a workout plan

And we are more than just personal trainers. This is about creating a healthy future for both you and you’re family. That’s why we go above and beyond to make sure all of our clients accomplish the fitness goals they set out to meet.

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