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South of the border chicken stew

Healthy South of the Border Chicken Stew

Easy South of the Border Chicken Stew Recipe

Cooking with Paige

Total Time: 4 Hours 10 Minutes

Prep: 10 Minutes

Cook: 4-6 Hours

You Will Need the Following Ingredients:

  • 32 Oz Low Sodium Chicken Broth
  • 1 can (14.5 oz) Fire Roasted Canned Tomatoes
  • 12 Enchilada Sauce
  • 16 Ounces Salsa (Preferably fresh)
  • 1 Can Black Beans
  • 1 bag of frozen corn
  • 2 pounds chicken
  • 1/2 Chopped Yellow Onion
  • The Juice Of 2 Limes
  • 3 Cloves Garlic
  • A dash of salt & pepper

Follow These Directions Accordingly:

  1. Place all ingredients into crockpot
  2. Stir
  3. Cover
  4. Cook on low for 4-6 hours
  5. Stir occasionally
  6. When done, slice up avocado, add a tablespoon of sour cream and enjoy!

Soups and stews are a quick and easy go to for anyone with a busy schedule. However as easy as they are to eat, they’re not so easy on your body. Most stews and soups are loaded with sodium and are mostly carbs. They’ll fill you up but they won’t leave you full for long. So why sacrifice a healthy meal full of nutrients your body needs just to save a few extra minutes in the day?

Not only is this chicken stew quick and easy to make, but it’s also healthy for you!┬áThis healthy south of the border stew isn’t loaded with sodium, and has much more protein when compared to most canned soups. The chicken and black beans are both high in protein but low in fat. So, it’ll leave you full without feeling bloated.

It’s also easy to take with you on-the-go. This stew is perfect to take with you to a busy day at the office. All you need is a thermos and your lunch is made! Don’t forget to treat yourself to something sweet by adding some fruit on the side for dessert. ­čśë

What’d You Think? Comment below and let us know how your south of the border chicken stew turned out!

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