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How To Stick To Your New Years Resolution All Year

New Year, New Goals! Start the New Year off right with self-reflection and a game plan for conquering all your resolutions.

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Holiday Fitness Tips – Surviving Thanksgiving

Get ready for thanksgiving and prepare to beat the holidays this year with these fitness tips!

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Myths about Meal Plans Exposed

Learn about your diet as First Paige Fitness nutrition experts expose the biggest myths about meal plans.

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Home Workout that Burns Fat and Tones Muscle – No W

No gym? No problem! Burn fat while toning up at home with this weightless workout.

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Health Benefits of a Daily Apple Cider Vinegar Drink 🍹

Learn how a daily Apple Cider Vinegar drink can help regulate blood sugar and aid in weight loss.

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Healthy South of the Border Chicken Stew

Meals on the go! Learn how to make a quick and easy chicken stew that's low in sodium and high in protein.

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3 Stretches that Help Reduce the Effects of Prolonged Sit

Prolonged sitting can lead not only slouched shoulders, but can also lead to back pain, stiffness and muscle tightness.

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