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Receive a personalized approach to fitness that will last a lifetime. Your nutrition and workout plan will be uniquely designed for your fitness and lifestyle. Everyone begins their journey at different places, however together we can achieve the same goal of optimal health and wellness.

We also understand that everyone eats, trains and lives differently. That’s why our personal trainers approach everyone’s own fitness journey as the unique, individual process that it is. We start by identifying your specific fitness needs and create a customized plan for you to look and feel your best, from the inside out.

BYOB Mommy and Me Transformation Program

9 weeks to delivery and only 9 weeks to a healthier you!

Our Santa Barbara personal trainers have designed a customized a body transformation program that is just for new moms! Burn off your baby fat while hanging out with your baby at the same time.

The Road to A Better Life Starts Here!

Personalized Nutrition Plan
As holistic trainers we ​take pride in promoting a healthy journey to reaching your fitness goals, which is why we don't ​promote ​the use of any artificial or harmful supplements to our clients. Instead we create realistic nutrition plans that focus on creating a well balanced diet and are intended for real people who want to make real changes in their life. Our personal trainers are focused on giving you the tools to control your diet in a way that's going to produce actual results and encourage longevity.
Customized Exercise Program
These are not your average 60 minute gym workouts. Our physical fitness programs are extremely focused around your individual fitness goals and current abilities. The personal trainers at First Paige Fitness are experienced in a wide variety of flexibility, cardio and strength training regiments and implement these different aspects of training into every workout. We guarantee that no workout will ever be the same, but the soreness you feel afterwards will be!
Unique Self Guidance
At First Paige Fitness, we strive to provide you with total health and wellness for both your body and mind. Through our in-depth approach, we work to identify all aspects of your health, including any mental barriers that have previously held you back. We then shift our attention to providing long term solutions to a better way of life. We're deeply passionate about what we do, and want to help you be best you you can possibly be.

Don't Wait For Tomorrow!

12-Week Body Transformation Program

With our individual fitness program, in just 12 weeks you will see a totally different person in the mirror!

Our Santa Barbara personal trainers will identify your specific fitness needs to create a customized physical fitness plan that will help you both look and feel your best. Start working on your body today!

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Holiday Fitness Tips – Surviving Thanksgiving

Get ready for thanksgiving and prepare to beat the holidays this year with these fitness tips!

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